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Why We Love Golf (Not Just Cricket!)

golfI love a lot of sports, one of the absolute best fun being Golf. So what do we love about this precise and high technology sport?

Being Outside

I adore the daylight, I like being out in the wind, the odor of the grass. Hell, I even love playing golf and strolling through all 18 holes in bad weather. It is so pleasant to just be outside appreciating a decent walk and getting some physical and mental enthrallment

Being Challenged

As I touched on in my last point, I cherish mental challenges. Along these lines, I adore having to plan and be challenged. Give me a danger/reward choice on each shot. Shoot… give me two or more on one opening. That is the thing that makes the whole process fun. Whether I have the technology such as a rangefinder or I’m just playing on my own judgement.

The trip

I want to play new courses. I discover the revelation of something new on each fairway or green to be intriguing. Be that as it may, I too like the genuine outing to get to the place I’m playing. Whether it is taking a street trip inside my home county and seeing some new towns or flying out to another part of the nation (or the world), I cherish it. Encountering new societies, new scenes, and meeting new individuals is continually fascinating and beneficial to me. If I had the money, as I’m sure many would agree, I would go all around the world looking to play golf on the courses we all know from Malaysia to Scotland, America to Spain. The sport is known globally and there is a reason for this.