Don Bradman Cricket – Making Gaming Videos!

cricket-ball-295206_640For years I’ve wanted a decent game that I could play which replicated my favorite sport – cricket! I have played the old Brian Lara games back on old gen consoles, but they’re not as good as the current consoles which allow for more detail, if you look at the capacity these consoles have such as the FIFA 16 games which have so much management detail and different modes.

Anyway, Don Bradman cricket provides a good way to play cricket on the Xbox or other consoles, I love my xbox and have even been recording my gameplay videos using my amazing capture card which I found on

Don Bradman cricket leaves a little to be desired in a few areas, but generally it is a pretty cool game. The running between the wicket could be a little bit better, and playing against Australia is unrealistically difficult (they must be superhuman on the game for some reason!) I have run a career mode which is awesome, and allows you to pick a team to play for and a country, and work your way up through the ranks. The stats are pretty good, it keeps all your averages etc.

My capture card review was good, and it is living up to expectation as the footage I am getting is of a really high standard and is High Definition which is wonderful, I am just using the videos to put on youtube at the moment but in the long term I may even look to edit them and make some really cool effects etc. or even do a career mode people can follow through to the end and watch me scale the heights.

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